Scary, But Not Likely

Time for another amateur analysis of world events.

Just to let everybody know upfront, this is purely conjecture. I have no hard evidence. This is also hyperbolic, at least I hope so. It is just an interesting way of seeing things.

Apparently, the orange man-child with tiny hands, that currently holds the title of POTUS, just took credit for Gulf States blacklisting Qatar. For supposed funding of terrorists organizations. One report, said that they were funding ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Shia rebels in Yemen, and other Iranian backed groups. Completely ridiculous, the sectarian differences are too great. I mean, that is why Daesh targets other Muslims, sectarian differences.

Anyway, Trump offends the state where US Central Command (Forward) is located.

This happens right after a trip to the Middle East where Trump was feted and fawned over in Saudi Arabia and Israel. Two states that really do not like Qatar and Iran.

Also, there were two attacks in Iran conducted by Daesh. This is going to mean Iran is going to increase its presence on the battle field. Drawing them closer to US forces, where an incident could take place. Or, Israel gets into a new pissing match with Hizballah which turns into a larger conflict with Iran, which “drags” us into it. Maybe it is something else, but the end result is that we are invading Iran.

Well, Qatar might not be too happy about that. So, we end up moving that base to somewhere a bit more friendly to our ambitions in the region.

While all this is playing out we cannot, must not, forget about Russia and the load of shit POTUS left for us in Europe.

There are reports that Russia is funneling weapons to the North Koreans. Do not be distracted. North Korea and Syria are just distractions hiding Russia’s real goal.

After the circle jerk of the Middle East tour, POTUS went to Europe to meet with our NATO allies. Well, it could have gone a bit better. He chastised them, called Germany evil, and refused to reaffirm the United States’ commitment to Article 5. Article 5 is about mutual defense.

Then through trickery, or out right invasion, Russia gains control of the Baltic states that it lost when the Soviet Union collapsed.


Well, the orange buffoon, ignores this because, hey its just Russia. Also, we are busy with our invasion and occupation of Iran.

That then becomes the state of the world. Russia controls the Baltic states and we are stuck in Iran. The UN tries to get sanctions passed on Russia, and they work for a bit. Then, Russia finishes building some pipelines through the Baltic states. That cheap gas and oil is more than a match for any sanctions.

Don’t forget that Exxon will be heavily involved in the extraction and transport of the mineral wealth of Russia. Cause guess who didn’t agree to the sanctions?

Then there were are, in Iran. Where POTUS makes good on his threats of stealing the mineral wealth of a sovereign state. Guess who is involved in the exploitation of Iran’s natural gas and oil? Correct, Exxon.


I almost forgot, all of the regulations that have been rolled back. Allowing companies involved of extracting crap from the ground to pollute as much as they want. Before, they could have been held accountable for violating those regulations, even if they are operating on foreign soil.

Like I said at the very beginning, I have no proof of any of this. Pure conjecture on my part, but it does seem to make a bit of sense.

  • The few appointments that Trump has made are heavy on those involved in the Oil/Gas industry. Particularly, Exxon.
  • Regulations to protect the environment, and making it more expensive to extract minerals from the ground, are rolled back.
  • Iran has been a target of Trump since the campaign.
  • On more that one occasion, Trump has advocated for the invasion of another state, exploiting their mineral wealth for our gain, and leaving soldiers behind to secure our interests.
  • Iran does not have nuclear weapons, North Korea does. I think NK is just a, “Whew, I’m glad it isn’t NK we are fighting.”
  • Russia has huge reserves of natural gas.
  • Russia really, really wants to sell this gas to Western Europe. Who really, really wants to buy this cheap gas.
  • Russia needs us sufficiently distracted to retake the Baltics.
  • Israel wants Iran gone.
  • Israel’s biggest supporters are American Christian Evangelicals.
  • These also happen to be Trumps biggest supporters.
  • Saudi Arabia also does not like Iran. Cause Iran challenges Saudi’s dominance in the region.
  • The Saudis just got done fellating POTUS. They know how to get a dictator, even a wannabe dictator, to do what they want.
  • The Saudis are immensely wealthy. One of the few things Trump respects.
  • Trump just offended an ally, who would be upset about an invasion of Iran.
  • There needs to be justification for a $56 billion increase in defense spending.
  • If they can truly justify a war, Trumps approval rating will soar.

I’ve been saying this since the election, Iran is the target. You can list any of the stupid shit that Trump has done and if you have the end you want to get to, you can get there. That is 100% what this is.


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