The Cult of I

JohnRogersTime to talk about Libertarians. I have talked about them a little before, but I was speaking of the political stance of Libertarianism. Which I disagree with, but I can see the positive side of the politics. I just think the negatives out weight them. No, what I want to discuss are the people who hold Libertarianism as a philosophy that they want everybody to follow.

I am starting to think that there are just certain people who are hardwired to fanatics. Instead of religion, which these Ayn Randian Libertarians violently reject, they have their Libertarian ideology. They have been seduced by the cult of I, me, mine. Only, in this cult, you brainwash yourself. Making it that much harder for them to be swayed by any type of evidence.

Their type of Liberalism is a solipsistic philosophy that is ultimately, I don’t want to say infantile, because it is a bit more sophisticated than that, but I think sophomoric might be giving to much credit. It is deferentially childish though. Despite the how smart many of these folks are, something is stunted.

Human beings are selfish animals, but we are also social animals. We have learned that sharing, even if it is only limited sharing, is a vital part of being in a society. So, we teach our children to share. At a certain point kids get that sharing is actually a good thing. Then they start to share things without being told, they are usually not bothered by sharing anymore. Some part of the Randians development stopped right before that realization. They grasp the concept of ownership, boy do the grasp that one, and if I do this and I can get that. The sharing part, not so much. They never got it, and are still pissed that they had to share their toys when they were little.

Now they are all grown up, they work, they earn money, but wait. They have to share the money they make. Oh no, the specter of sharing once again shows its ugly little head. Only now, it is their hard earned money.

Boo freakin hoo.

Taxes suck, we hate them. We wish all that money was in our bank account, but the rest of us realize that we live in a society. A society that offers us a really, really high standard of living. To live in this society, taxes must be paid, unless you are filthy rich. The rest of us get that. Oh sure, we might not agree on how the money is being spent, but we all agree that taxes are kinda needed.

Randians do not agree with that. They hate all government, but what they seem to hate the most is any type of social program. Don’t forget, that politically, they are total free market. They believe that in a completely free market, only those too stupid or too lazy are poor. That rigorous competition will keep costs down and everybody gets to keep what they make, and that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They believe this despite the overwhelming empirical evidence that free market economics lead to exploitation, abuse of power, and misery for a great number of people.

Government sucks, but we haven’t found anything better yet. Remember, we are selfish animals. If the rules are taken away, we will revert to those basic urges. I think that is also why we have such a strong need for community. Otherwise, we would have killed each other off millennia ago. So we have government. We always have and we always will.

It probably started simply when we were hunters-gatherers. The strongest or the eldest took leadership. As we became more settled, we needed leaders more often. As more and more time was asked of whoever was in charge, they had less and less time to do personal work. So, taxes were created. Since the leadership was using his time at leadership duties, he did not have time to do the physical stuff, like planting crops. Then taxes started being used to pay for the upkeep of roads, or anything for the common good.

That is how taxes started, and why they were started.

It is not a hard concept to grasp.

Yet the Randians scream and wail about the unfairness of having to pay taxes. No joke, they consider having to pay taxes as slavery. I know, right?

If there are any Libertarians still reading this, here is the definition of “slave: noun; someone who is legally owned by another person and is forced to work for that person without pay.

Paying taxes is not slavery. Paying taxes is like paying a company to use their product. It is a fee. I think economically that can make sense to a Randian. If you don’t like the fee, you are free to shop elsewhere. They won’t. They love their comforts the same as the rest of us do. They just love to feel superior because they are enlightened and better because they believe in Libertarianism as put forth by Ayn Rand.

Read that last line in a very sarcastic voice.

Of course I am screaming into the wind. Randians cannot be swayed with any argument that I can think of. Just like it is almost impossible to change the mind of a religious zealot. Randians are extremest. They go beyond what most would consider reasonable. Extremest are irrational, illogical, and so narrowly focused they cannot see the big picture. Don’t you dare disagree with them, or they go on the attack immediately.

There are two things I find very funny about Randians. The first being that their high priestess was a complete hypocrite. Despite an estate worth over $500,000 she spent the last 8 years of her life mooching off the government. She received Social Security and Medicare. I find that so funny. The second thing I find funny is that if their dream of a completely free capitalism ever came true during their lifetime, they would be so miserable because they wouldn’t be rich enough to actually benefit.


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