Break from Social Media

I currently have about 20 followers on Facebook, and I think like 5 followers who get my blog directly from It is not much, but it makes me very happy. It tells me that there are some people who actually care about what I say. I don’t care if they agree or not, they are interested in what I am saying. It is a nice boost to the ego. I love to write, and I should make my lazy ass do more of it. Also, if I get 50 or more followers I will actually buy my domain name and design a good website.

That being said, if you know me from Facebook, you will notice that I have not been posting much from my personal page the past two weeks. This has not been about my laziness. Even when I haven’t written essays, I have been pretty active, especially with political posts. My hiatus from social media, and my blog, is because of two reasons.

First and foremost, I had to take a break before I lost complete faith in humanity. Sometimes my friends make me want to rip out my beard while banging my head against the concrete. Yes, I have lost some “friends” in recent months. There are those that have unfriended me, and a few that I have unfriended. No, not one person I unfriended or blocked was because of their political viewpoint. I can be petty, but I love arguing too much to avoid those that don’t agree with me.

Then you have those that just have a different political viewpoint than I do. As long as they are basing their position on facts, and I do the same, we can debate and have a fun argument all day long. I will listen to their ideas, if they provide sources I will check those out. If the argument is compelling enough and has solid evidence to back it up, my mind can even be changed.

The last group is the one that aggravates the hell out of me though. This group is the nihilists and/or shit-stirrers, and the libertarians. I do not mean the “Tea Party” libertarians who have hijacked the Party. I mean true libertarians, a few of them are also Ayn Rand level libertarians. The nihilists and shit-stirrers annoy me because they will post the most extreme views of both sides just to see the argument. They are trolling and I fall for it all they time. The libertarians get to me because I love the libertarian ideal society. I just don’t think it is possible.

The third reason I have taken a break is due to concern for my future. As some of you know, I work for the government in the VA. What concerns me is that I will lose my job because of my criticism of the current administration. Shortly after the election I changed my privacy settings so that only friends could see my posts. Then I realized that my blog posts were not being seen. So, I changed back to letting everyone see my posts. That is when I took a break.

Some of you might think I am overreacting. Maybe I am, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am concerned that my posts might get me into trouble. I start hearing those at the height of government saying that we should not question the President, and that the only “facts” we should believe are those that originate from the White House. This makes me wonder when they are going to start to punishing dissent, starting with federal employees. How long will the 1st Amendment be protection enough?

I worry that I sound like those that thought Obama was going to announce marshal law, come take their guns, and set himself up as President For Life. At the same time, it is hard to dismiss the actions of the POTUS and his staff when they begin shunning news outlets that do not report only the party line. When they use words like “alternative facts.” When they attempt to de-legitimize the judiciary. When they make up terrorist attacks in attempt to frighten the people into accepting putting the Constitution on hold to deal with “security threats.” These are just a handful of truly terrifying actions that have occurred in the past three weeks.

While I worry, and will probably continue to worry I will still be critical of our government. I will probably be a bit more tactful, and I will not post as much.

That makes me sound like a pretentious asshole. I am going to continue to write, because I found that I enjoy doing research and that I enjoy writing.

Well, that those are the reasons why I have been a bit silent the past two weeks, and why I will not be posting as much.


2 thoughts on “Break from Social Media

  1. I spent years and years hanging out with libertarians, and call myself a small-l libertarian because it’s the closest thing out there to Pat Hartmanism.
    The only problem is when the ideas run up against human nature.


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