My post election blog

  Well, here we are.  One week after the elections and things seem to be getting worse.  One week ago, Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States of America.  I feel like I am in an episode of the Twilight Zone or Outerlimits.
     First, if you voted third party I do not blame you.  You voted your conscious and there is no blame in doing that.  Yes, I tried to get you to suspend your emotions and take an objective look at Hillary.  To ignore the emotional reaction that you get when she is brought up, but I was not eloquent enough.  You voted, and that is a great thing.
     Second, there is blame to be cast for this turn of events.  I am going to let you all know who I personally blame for DJT becoming president.
     If you are part of the 49% of eligible voters who did not cast, then you are to blame.  First and foremost, if you did not vote but were able, then you failed as a citizen of this country.  This includes those that are part of the protests.  If you did not vote, but you are out there in the streets protesting and expressing your anger.  Go home.  You had a chance to effect this election but you decided that something else was a worth more of your time.
Actually, lets take a time out and talk about these protests.
      I do not condone the violence and destruction that has happened, but I also understand it.  That violence comes from fear and anger, and just a bit because of an increasingly militarized police force.  For those on the right, do not dismiss the fear of these protestors.  Do not patronize them by saying we need to come together and rally behind the office of President for the good of the country.  That is the height of hypocrisy.  For the past eight years conservatives have been obstructing government and attempting to delegitimize our nations first black commander in chief.
      More disturbing than the riots that have occurred are the increasing number of memes that are being shared by my conservative friends that are gleefully hoping for a civil war.  It seems so many of you are excited about prospect of spilling the blood of fellow Americans.  Why?  War itself should not be an occasion to celebrate, let alone one that pits brother against brother, father against son.
Back to pointing fingers.
     The second place that I put blame is on Fox News.  Because they are not a news organization.  If you feel that Fox is the only mainstream media outlet that is presenting your side of the issues, then you are wrong.  Fox is not presenting your side. Fox created your view point, fed you this point of view with a spoon, and then has done nothing but reinforce this point of view. They are a propaganda machine and the instigator of the conservative echo chamber.  They have also caused once reputable news agencies to buy into and elevate partisan rancor.  They have been instrumental in turning politics, which used to be about compromise, into an all or nothing, zero sum game.
     The third place is the rest of the news outlets.  Since 2015 you have been normalizing Trump.  You have created this false equivalence that Trumps lying, hate speech, and horrific actions are somehow equal to minor issues of the other candidates.  You normalized him.  You did not press him on his lies.  You failed in every step of the way.
     Fourth and finally, I blame the GOP leadership.  You let this man win the candidacy of your party.  He won the primary debates because he mocked his opponents.  He stands for nothing you claim to stand for.  He has denigrated you and humiliated you from the very beginning and you embraced him.  Instead of standing up for yourselves, you got down on your knees and kissed his ring.  You are all cowards.
     Fifth and last, I blame the Democratic Party.  Why did you pick Hillary to throw your entire weight behind before the primaries even began?  This election did make me look at her with new eyes, and I get it.  She is extremely qualified.  Her foibles have been blown out of proportion. She believes in compromise and slow steady change.  Yet, you knew that so many people only saw the negative.  How did you think you were going to overcome that?  Why would you pick a candidate that had such a huge handicap?   It wasn’t her turn.  There are no turns in American politics.  You failed.
     That is it for my blaming.  I do want to mention this thing that has been going around about liberals not listening to the working class.  No.  I don’t buy it.  Oh, there are some “my shit don’t stink,” liberals out there who are super sensitive, but they are such a small minority of liberals.  It is not that we don’t listen to working class people.  I live in Mississippi, if I did not listen to and interact with working class folk, I would not be able to speak to anybody.  The issue that I have found, is that it is extremely difficult to have a conversation with people about politics.  The second you disagree with their point of view they go on the offensive.  Personal attacks, yelling over you, and just a general unwillingness to listen to a different point of view.
     I have unfriended two people this election cycle.  It had nothing to do with them and I not agreeing on the issues or the candidates.  The first one had to do with the rampant hypocrisy of one of the individuals.  He is living with an openly bisexual woman, they are not married, and they are very open and honest about having an open relationship, but he continued to speak out against LGBQT rights and marriage equality.  I could not handle that level hypocrisy.  The second person I unfriended was because I disagreed with them.  I presented my point of view, I even had actual researched facts that were confirmed from multiple sources.  Instead of presenting his side, he began making personal attacks against me.  So, I unfriended him.
     Those two examples are what it feels like when I, as a liberal, attempt to engage in meaningful debate with non-liberals.  Either the hypocrisy makes further discussion impossible, or the personal attacks do.


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