I Don’t Want to Feel the Johnson. Please, put it away.

     I have been gone for a while, this election cycle has literally been depressing me.  So, this is going to be last post about the candidates until after the elections.  Well, I HOPE this is going to be the last one.  With this group who knows what is going to be revealed, or what they are going to say. It is a complete circus, but not a good circus. A really bad circus where the clowns are always drunk and angry, and all of the animals are old and sickly.
     Lets start with Trump and his supporters.  If you are currently supporting Trump and you vote for Trump, you have forever ceded any moral high ground.  He bragged about sexually assaulting women.  Surprise, surprise women have come out and verified that yes, this is exactly how he treats women and young girls.  Even before he said he “grabbed them by the pussy,” he was bragging about assault.  He said he just goes up and starts kissing them, he doesn’t wait.  That is also sexual assault.  It does not matter what Bill Clinton did, it does not matter that they listen to music with explicit lyrics, and it does not matter what anybody else did.  Those are all cases false equivalency.  If you support Trump, you support an abuser and nothing you say can change that fact.  Either accept it, or stop supporting an abuser.
     Moving on to Hillary.  There is too much said about her for me to unpack all of it right now, but I am going to say a few things.  Her attitude that it is “her turn to be president,” is what I dislike about her the most.  That feeling of “I deserve this,” she seems to emanate.  She also lies.  They are predictable, and for the most part they are not needed.  Trump lies too, but there is a huge difference between their lies and it has much to do with how they perceive their legacy.  Trump wants to be remembered as the biggest and best and most extravagant.  His lies prop up this self image.  Clinton wants to be known as not only the first woman President of the United States, but she also wants to be remembered as a good President of the United States.  Her lies and her pandering reflect that.  Yes, they are also self serving, but a different end game.
     Oh, there has also been a lot of talk about her changing her position so often,  She is a politician, they are supposed to represent those that vote them into office.  So yeah, I expect almost all politicians to change positions frequently.  Except for Bernie, he has been on the side of right since day one, damn everybody else.
     Now for the Johnson.  I love the idea of a third party.  I have voted third party.  I have written in protest votes.  I have argued with my family that voting your conscience is not wasting your vote.  I have never voted for a major political party candidate.  Ever.  I get the appeal.  I would probably vote for Johnson, even though I don’t agree with most of his party’s stance on things, if Trump were not running.  Johnson’s newest thing is concentrating on the swing states and attempting to win one of them to block either candidate from getting the 270 to win the election.  If that happens, the House of Representatives chooses the next President from the three candidates with the most votes.  It is very likely that Trump will be chosen
Let me say that again.  If Johnson succeeds in blocking either candidate from reaching 270 electoral votes, the United States House of Representatives, with a Republican majority, gets to choose the next President.
     That should scare the you.  Many of you Johnson supports are doing this for the reason so that it does not matter who is elected you can say, “Don’t blame me, I voted for Johnson.”  You say you are tired of picking the lesser of two evils.  Weill, you aren’t, you are picking the second of three evils.  I still don’t count Dr. Jill Stein.  Personally, I do not think Johnson is evil or a bad person. Out of the three, he is the only one that seems to have a good personality.  I seriously doubt he will get the numbers to prevent Hillary from getting 270, but he is going to make it more difficult and make the race close between Hillary and Trump.  Here is why that is the second out of three evils instead of a reasonable choice this year.
     Trump and his surrogates are saying more and more that the election is rigged and being stolen from him.  Trump is telling his supporters to engage in voter intimidation.  The anger in his campaign is being echoed back to him by his supporters and it is growing.  I feel, that if he does not lose by a landslide, there will be violence.  He has been undermining the democracy since he started, and people believe him.  It is not enough for him to lose the electoral college, he must also lose the popular vote.  Not by a little bit.  It has to be a landslide.  There can be no doubt in the mind of anybody that Trump lost, that he, his misogyny, his xenophobia, his homophobia, his racism, his shitty, shitty vision for this country was rejected by this country.
     You don’t like Clinton?  Who does?  I turned 18 in 1998.  I have not been as vocal as I am now, but I have been rejecting the two party system since then.  My politics have changed, I have grown, and I am a better person than I was then.  I still find it ridiculous that we only have two serious political parties.  But, I have adult enough to realize that anything that might lead to Trump being sworn in as President is a bad idea.  The rest of you need to grow up, swallow your dislike (mostly unearned, but like 35% very much earned) of Hillary Clinton and make sure that the unstable, ignorant, objectively stupid, Donald J Trump does not get elected.  If you really dislike Clinton, put he in the office and then you guys vote Republican on all the down ticket elections.  Give her a GOP run legislative branch.  Do not run the risk of Trump getting into the Oval Office.


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