How the Sargent’s Board Taught Me To Fear Trump.

Board Question:  What is the US policy on the use of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons.
Answer: The US will never use Biological Weapons, it will use Chemical Weapons only in response to a Chemical Weapons attack, and it will use Nuclear Weapons when the President deems it necessary.
     If the last part does not scare you when thinking of Trump getting elected then I do not know if you are capable of experiencing fear.  If you are able to ignore the racism, jingoism, homophobia, misogyny, bigotry, Islamaphobia, and nationalism of the Trump campaign, all because you hate Hillary Clinton, please do not ignore this.
     I am pleading with you to not vote for Trump.  I would love to see a real third party, hell I would love to see a real fourth and fifth party too.  I would love to see them and I would love it if we would be able to split the voters pretty evenly between them.  We are not there, but if things keep moving the way they are then I have hope we will see new parties springing up all over the place.  That is not what this is little bit of writing is about though.  This is writing specifically to explain why Trump make the hairs on the back of my neck stand rigid.
     I am not really worried about any of Trumps plans, the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the government will stop just about anything he tries.  I think in this regard he might actually encourage bipartisan cooperation.  Just to stop his particular brand of crazy.  He says wacky shit, but that does not mean he will be able to accomplish any of it.  I do not think he realizes that he is not running for dictator.  Will we see a rise in racism? You bet your sweet ass we will, we already have.  I think we as a nation can handle that.  We can survive four, or less if he is impeached, years of Trump as Commander in Chief.  As long as we do not let him near the nuclear codes.
     I do not really think that Trump would launch nukes.  I totally believe he will try, I just don’t think the men and women who hold the responsibility for actually launching the nukes will pull that trigger on the whims of a this talking Cheeto.  But, there is a chance that they will blindly follow orders and launch nukes, instigating retaliation strikes, which will lead to even more launches that are in retaliation to the retaliation, which will lead…you get the idea.  The planet will be destroyed with fire.  See, we humans are great at blindly following orders.  It is freeing to have all the responsibility taken off your shoulders and just do what you are told.  We love to follow anybody we think is in a position of authority.  Just look at the Milgram experiment.
     That is what scares me about Trump. There are no checks and balances on our nuclear arsenal except the nuclear arsenals of other countries and I don’t think Trump cares about MADD.  Or, he does not think that other states will launch their nuclear weapons once we launch ours.
     So please, come this November 8 do not vote for Trump.  I don’t care who you vote for as long as it is not Trump.
     Oh, that does bring me to the second thing that scares me about Trump. Him losing a close election.  If it a landslide no issue, if it is close then I believe that there is going to be an armed uprising by the alt-right.  They have already called for it more than once.  Trump himself called for voter intimidation.  Vote for anybody but him, make sure that his share of the votes is small enough that they cannot contest.


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