Enough with emails!!!

     A few months ago I was very angry at a system that was allowing HRC to avoid criminal penalties for mishandling of classified information.  Yeah, I was angry at her for attempting to hide things, sometimes her and her husband seem a bit like a young kid.  Ask them what they are doing and they immediately say, “nothing.”  It doesn’t matter if they are doing right or wrong, their initial reaction is to hide everything.  The Director of the FBI called HRC “extremely careless” and said that, “a reasonable prosecutor would not pursue charges” (emphasis mine).  I made a big deal out of the use of one little word in that sentence “would,” because of the difference between “would” and “could.”  In my opinion, there is a large difference between those to.  Just because you can do something, does not mean that you will do something.  I wasn’t surprised by HRCs actions, I was just upset at the system.  I am still upset about the lack of punishment for other high ranking officials that have mishandled classified information.  Simply because when I had a clearance I would have been thrown under the jail if I would have pulled some of these shenanigans.
     I know it is nothing new, and that there is a long history in America of the those at the top being able to do what they want.  It is almost like we have three justice systems.  One for the rich, one for all the other white people, and then one for all the people of color.
     Well, just for fun I decided to read the entire report that the FBI released on the Friday before Labor Day.  I can be very wrong about this, if anybody has a different take on the actual report (I mean that you read the report, not listened to the media about the report) please tell me your take.  I would love to see your point of view, but it looks like the media has been blowing this way out of proportion.  I know shocking.  Yes, there are quite a few emails that are classified NOW, they weren’t classified until this investigation started.  They were not classified at the time they were sent.  There are quite a few emails that have been found to have information in them that was classified at the time.  Though, the information was not contained in a classified document.  Meaning, that there were no headers, footers, or paragraph markings.  If there are no markings it is extremely difficult to tell most classified information from non-classified information.  Ask anybody that has worked with classified material.  There is stuff that gets classified with no reason, stupid stuff, things that are common knowledge, or stuff that was reported in the international medial weeks before it gets classified.
     Little recap, a bunch of emails, some info classified at the time, some info classified now, and no headers, footers, or paragraph markings.  There were three, I repeat three, emails that had any type of classification making. In each of those three emails, one paragraph was marked with a “C” to indicate it contained “Confidential” material.  The lowest level of classification.  Confidential means that it is not really a secret, but keep it to yourself anyways.  Three emails out of how many thousands?  I am starting to think that the media has been making a mountain out of this mole hill.
     As for the Blackberrys that were destroyed.  I just have one question.  And?  Ask anybody in the Intelligence Community how often they have destroyed electronics, or seen electronics destroyed, that are no longer used.  You make it so that if there is any data on the electronics that it can not be recovered.  I don’t see what the big deal about this is.
     If anybody else read the report and came away with a different understanding of it, lets chat.  I am always open to knew information or a hearing a different view point.  If all they have about the emails is in that report, slap a fine on her for using a private server for official business and lets move on with our lives.  Lets talk about more important issues that this.


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