Domestic vs Import. Not just about beer anymore.

     Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims.  That is literally the textbook definition of terrorism.  It is really important to remember that definition because remembering it will help to clarify an issue later on in this writing.
     To my fellow American citizens, please stop being so scared of “radical Islamic terrorism.”  While there have been some attacks and there has been death and destruction, it is not that a huge problem for us.  I do not say that to make light of anybody’s loss, or any of the tragedies that have stuck this country.  I am making this point, because a certain set of citizens and politicians are trying to manipulate you based on this fear.  It is not a fear you should have, and we need to get past it.
     First, lets talk about the term “radical Islam.”  The right loves to attack the left for not using this term.  The further right you get, the louder and worse the insults and attacks.  Well, there is a reason that many people do not like to use the term “radical Islam.”  Simply put, there is no such thing as “radical Islam.”  There is Islam, fundamentalist Islam, and extreme fundamentalist but there is no radical Islam.  Though to me, it does not matter which version of the imaginary magic sky man you worship, any type of fundamentalism is a bit radical.  Using the term “radical Islam,” makes these violent twat waffles a part of an actual religion.  That in turns allows them to control the narrative and say shit like, “America and the West are waging war on all of Islam.”  No, we are waging war on violent assholes who have a corrupted ideology that they use to justify their actions.  They left Islam, they are no longer a part of it.  We need to stop giving them back the mantel of Muslims.
     See, names and labels have power.  They always have and always will.  Do not give them something they can use to their benefit.
     September 11, 2001 was a horrific day in American history.  A group of douche bags ended up killing over 3000 people.  It was horrible, I remember where I was just like most of you remember where you were and exactly what you were doing.  Though, 9/11 was an outlier.  It was not the norm for us, or for them.  We cannot let the fear of another outlier rule us.  Of much more concern to us, and to law enforcement is the threat of lone wolf attacks.  These are attacks that are carried out by one to three people.  They are hard to catch and hard to stop because the fewer the number of people involved, the smaller the risk of law enforcement find out about a plot.  Currently, there is a group of shit-sippers that are calling or lone wolf attacks against America and Western Europe.  They are doing this because they can take credit for shit they do not have to plan, fund, or execute.  Think about that for a moment.  It is too difficult for them to carry out operations here, that they have been reduced to taking credit for any asshat that just says their name once while killing, or attempting to kill, others.
     Lone wolf attacks are relatively new for groups such as Daesh. but they have been a staple of our own homegrown colostomy bags on the far, racist right since the 1990s.  Yeah, these assholes.  Call them what you will, white separatists, sovereign citizens, survivalists, or anything else.  These are white folks, claiming to be Christian that hate blacks, Jews, homosexuals, the literate, you name it.  If it is not white, straight, and ignorant they are going to hate it.  See these folks have actually carried out more attacks and caused more death than the other terrorists.  The death toll is not much more, though the number of wounded and the number of attacks is a lot more.  The major problem is that the media does not report about white terrorism conducted in the name corrupted Christianity.
     Though, when a sexually repressed man of Middle Eastern heritage decides that he cannot handle his own homosexuality and decides to kill 49 people at gay nightclub everybody is quick to shout terrorism because he said ISIS to the police.  Here is where the definition of terrorism come into play.  There have been more acts of terrorism by right wing extremist. That is not a lie, white people are more likely to commit violence for ideological purposes here in America than any other group of people.  I did a little research for you, so that you did not have to worry about it.
     Lets start with total number of attacks.  The right wing has the highest number by far, no contest.  As far as body count goes, that can be a bit tricky.  If you count 9/11 then the corrupted Muslims have the highest body count by far, but remember, 9/11 was an outlier.  It is not the norm, it was a fluke.  Take away those 3000 deaths and the numbers are actually a lot closer.  The right wing have caused the death of 44 people, while the corrupted Muslims, lets just call them the Asshats for the rest of this and we will call the right wing nutjobs the Shitheads,  have caused the death of 39.  Before people lose their shit, my numbers can be disputed because there are some attacks that I do not count as terrorism.  They were not carried out for ideological reasons, they were carried out for personal reasons.  For the Asshats I do not count the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the 2015 TN military shooting (the shooters motivations were not known and he had no ties to terrorist organizations, no political motivation), the 2014 Oklahoma beheading, and the 2002 Los Angeles Airport shooting.  For the Shitheads I do not count the 2010 Carlisle PA shooting and the 2009 Pittsburg police shooting.  Those that I do not count do not fit the definition of terrorism.  Either the motivations are not known, they have no ties or affiliation with terrorist groups, or the attacks were conducted for personal reasons instead of ideological reasons.
     So, the Asshats and the Shitheads have caused about the same amount of death since 2001, but the Shitheads have conducted more attacks and have wounded many more people.  It is ironic that their favorite group to attack are the police and yet they are the most fervent Blue Lives Matter folks.  It really has to piss the Shitheads off that the Asshats are actually better shots.
     If you decide to do a bit of research on you own about this, please just remember to do a bit of checking on where you get your information.  There are a lot of websites out there the support the Shithead viewpoint that say they destroy the claim that Shitheads are more dangerous to Americans that the Asshats.  All of their information comes from one, I repeat one, college professor who has a very, very loose definition of terrorism.  Basically, if somebody has an Arab name they are a terrorist no matter their actual, provable motivations.
     Even with this information, please I implore you, do not let fear control you. To quote Yoda, “Fear is the path to the Dark Side.  Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”


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