Are you kidding me?

     On August 21, 2016 Illinois Senator Mark Kirk compared President Obama to a drug dealer, “We can’t have the president of the United States acting like the drug dealer in chief.”  What the literal fuck people.  That is some racist shit.  No other president has ever, ever had this type of disrespect thrown at him.  I doubt, no I know, that Kirk would never call a white President of the United States a “drug dealer in chief.”  It would not happen, and I do not know why there has not been more of an uproar about this.
     For those who do not know, the US sent hundreds of millions of dollars, in cash, to Iran.  This money was part of a settlement deal with Iran that was finalized at the same time the nuclear negotiations were being concluded.  Funny, how diplomats will try to get a bunch of shit done all at the same time, because it can be difficult to conduct substantial meetings with representatives of some nations.  We, the US, owed Iran money.  They gave us money in 1979 for some jets, that they did not get.  They were suing us in the international court.  The US decided to settle the case, instead of facing a judgment from the ICJ.  Why?  Because they court was most likely going to find in favor of Iran and award them billions more than the settlement we offered.  Now, some of you may be thinking, “we are ‘Murica, we don’t need to listen to some namby pamby Belgian court, that is probably full of gay commies.”   It is a bit murky, great arguments can be made for ignoring the ICJs rulings, and great arguments for abiding by the ICJs ruling.  Ultimately though, we are a nation of laws.  We have treaties with the U.N. and with ICJ.  While there is wiggle room in these treaties, to not comply would weaken our standing with the international community.  It can get a bit tricky.
     We owed Iran this money.  They agreed to release some hostages.  We used the money we were already going to send as leverage to ensure that not only did the hostages get out of Iran, but their families got to come with them.  That is it.  This was not some shady backroom deal, or a ransom.  This was diplomacy working like it should.  But that is not good enough for the Republicans.  They have to cause a scene and yell, “FOUL!”  Then you have this racist shithead Mark Kirk calling President Obama a drug dealer.  Think about that.  A white man who is a Republican, I know I said the same thing twice, is calling a black man, who is a Democrat and the SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, a drug dealer because of some money sent to Iran to pay a debt owed since 1979.  It boggles the mind.
     Shit, imagine if the CIA, under direction of President Obama, had sold arms to Iran. Then used that money to fund rebels in Central America.  Then, introduced a powerful and highly addictive form of cocaine to black communities across the US in order to sell more cocaine, to raise more money to buy arms to sell to Iran.  The Republicans would have a field day if a president had ever done that.  You know, it does sound familiar though.  I swear I have heard this story before. In a movie?  No.  In an episode of Archer?  Yes, but not this exact story.
     Wait, I remember now.  Ronald Regan, the Republican demigod, did this exactly this.  He was literally, The Drug Dealer In Chief.  Nobody, has every called him that though.  I wonder why?.  He actually approved plans to introduce crack to black communities, then sell them cocaine to make the crack, all to buy arms that were sold to Iran.  Then the money was funneled to the Contras.  Who, in turn, supplied more cocaine to sell to African American communities.
     Lets do a little comparison.  White President, who actually approved plans to sell drugs to American citizens and arms to a not so friendly state. Yet, he is still considered untouchable by Republicans.  His legacy is still wholly intact.  Black President, pays money owed to a the same not so friendly state, gets hostages and their families released from said state, and  enters into the first diplomatic relationship with said state in 37 years.  His accomplishments are wiped away and he is called a drug dealer.
     I do not care if you agree with President Obama’s polices.  I do not agree with all of them myself, but how can you rationalize this type of behvior.  We, as citizens of this country, need to stop treating this President different because his skin happens to have a bit more melatonin.  The hypocrisy is staggering.  Stand up, stop being silent, say something, do something.  America will only get better if we work to make it better.


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