Would a Trump Presidency be Good For America?

Before you start yelling at me please check out this interview, http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2014/02/27/power-presidency-turley, and look up Jonathan Turley and his views on how the checks and balances in our government are currently working.
     Trump could be good for America.  Yes, he could be in one very narrow, tiny way.  I think that many of us, when we hear Trump or his mouth pieces speak, start to imagine Germany in the 1930s.  Trump and his campaign just give off that National Socialist kinda vibe.  I think he is a racist, he plays on the fears people have, he makes up things for people to be afraid of and then exploits those fears, and he is great at inciting a mob.  If my skin color were a bit darker I would be very scared to get anywhere near a Trump rally, Judge Lynch might be there.  That is the energy that is given off by Trump and his supporters. Yet, he may be good for America in the long run.
     This just came to me the other day, and it has been running around in my head.  It has actually been helpful, because it is the only thing I can think of that might be considered a positive about a Trump win in November.  Professor Jonathan Turley, who is a constitutional scholar and expert, has said more than once that the office of the President has been getting more and more power with every new President.  He likes to have people imagine that the three branches of government are like planets in perfect orbit with each other.  If one of them gets out of orbit, it effects the other two.  The executive branch has been grabbing more and more power, causing it to wobble, throwing off the orbit of the other two. Now, just about everybody hates Trump.  Yes, he has people that toe the party line and will give him support no matter what, but many, many of the main stream Republicans in the House and Senate do not really like him.  They will like him even less when they see fellow Republicans lose seats this election cycle because of Trump.
     Trumps rhetoric is going to force bipartisan cooperation, hopefully it does that without him getting elected, but it most assuredly will if he is elected.  They are going block the stupid he is going to try and get through the House and Senate.  Then, he is going to try and do what he wants without the legislators.  This is where the good happens.  President Obama was able to do some things that were boarder-line unconstitutional, even if you agree with the ends, the means were a bit shady.  Trump will try that.  He is not liked enough for the legislative branch to allow him to.   When past presidents have gained more power for the Office of President, they did it with at the very least silent approval of their own party.  That is the only way it could work. They had enough support that the groups, that are supposed to be a check against power concentrating in one branch of government, remained silent.  Trump does not kind of support and will not have that type of support.
     A Trump presidency would still be a disaster, I stick by that.  He is a bully, and I think his initial momentum in just winning will be enough for him to bully many Republicans into doing what he wants.  It would not last long though.  Democrats, Independents, and Republicans would come together, like they have seldom done, and strip the Presidency of all but the most basic powers given to it by the US Constitution.   Then the three branches would settle back into stable orbit, until one side once again starts trying to become more powerful.  That is the hope anyway.  Though if Trump does win, I can see him dissolving the Senate, and executing Order 66.
     Though Trump is unlikely to win without the support of African Americans, Hispanics, Women, Millennials, and Independents.  We have to be prepared for the worst and, this is the only though that keeps me from screaming and losing my mind to the thought of a Fuhrer Trump.  I hear Trump talk and I literally become angry and depressed, I did not have a silver lining, until now.  It is the thinnest, almost nonexistent silver lining, but it is something I can grasp onto in an effort to keep the nightmares of Trumps America away.


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