WTF is Wrong With You People?!

     Today is August 24, 2016.  I found out yesterday that Trump is having a rally here in Jackson MS today at 6pm.  I will be at work, and I will not take off for Trump, so I won’t be there to support #neverTrump.  So, I found this out yesterday and then my wife sends me a link to a local blog,, and we find out that Trump was here last week for a fundraiser.  Well, they did a blog about the fundraiser and the comments below were scary.  Not all of them were scary, but a great number of them, both for and against Trump, were a bit frightening.  It wasn’t frightening in the sense that they were inciting violence, it was frightening because it was obvious that little to no research had been done to back up claims that were made.
     We live in the Age of Information.  At our fingertips, literally at our fingertips, is all the information that has ever been created.  I understand that sometimes we can get it wrong, and that we can be misinformed.  I recently fell into that trap and was corrected by a friend of mine.  I wasn’t mad, I was a bit disappointed in myself that I did not dig a bit more, but I was not angry that it was pointed out that I had been misinformed.   Remember, ignorance is not inherently bad, it just means that you do not know.  It is the starting point for wisdom and knowledge.  Willful ignorance, though, is extremely bad.  That is knowing that you are misinformed, and not caring.  We have all of this information, but more and more people are not interested in the facts, they are only interested in what supports their position.  They do not even look for to see if there is credible evidence for an opposite viewpoint.  It is increasingly rare for people to even look at both sides of an argument.
     This is disturbing because people that should be receiving professional mental health services are not only being given a soapbox, but others are hearing what they are saying and thinking to themselves, “Hmmm, they have a point.”  Before the internet, that would not have happened.  They would have been seen for what they are, the mentally ill.  We would have looked at their sandwich boards and their tinfoil hats and dismissed what they had to say.  Not today.  Today they can hide the crazy behind seemingly well researched, well put together, but still insane bullshit.  And, average people will believe it.
     Back to the comments.  For the most part, the comments were very anti-Trump and anti-Hillary.  Republicans in Mississippi do not like Trump, and they hate Hillary. There was a lot of anger towards the GOP leadership over their backing of Trump, and there was a lot of anger at the evangelical block for not giving Cruz more support.  That is not where the crazy reared its head.  It was the hate directed towards Hillary that was so amazing.  Look, I do not support Hillary.  I believe that she will say whatever is politically expedient to gain power.  She is a proven liar and she has gotten away with breaking the law.  I will not vote for her.  Saying all of that, she is not as bad as I once thought she was, and she is nowhere near as evil as many are making her out to be.  This election cycle has made me look at her record, look at what she says, and do a bit of fact checking.  She is actually pretty average for a politician.
     That is right, I said it.  Hillary Clinton is no more a liar than the majority of politicians.  Meaning, she lies, but not as often as people say she does, but she is a woman and a Clinton, so more people distrust her than others.  So, lets start with the big negative about her.  Benghazi.  To say that Clinton is to blame for the Benghazi is just hate.  No other explanation.  There were many, many factors that led to the tragedy that was Benghazi that to place blame on a single person is ludicrous.  So here is some information about Benghazi.  The compound in Benghazi was not a permanent State Department building/compound. It was only meant to be temporary.  The CIA was running operations out of Benghazi and they were the ones responsible for security.  Here is were it starts to get muddy.  There is one, I repeat one, report that says Benghazi was planned at least 10 days before the attack.  This report was published the day after the attack.  There might be more, but since am no longer in the intelligence field I do not know and if I was I would not be able to confirm or deny the existence of said reports.   I will say this, I read what is available from that DIA intelligence report and it is sketchy to say the least.  A source provided the intelligence after the attack, and we do not get to see the sources rating.  It does not build confidence.  Here is what I think happened.  I think that a terrorist group was planning an attack. Protests broke out, and the terrorist group decided to use the protests as a cover for their attack.  It was planned, but not for that day.  I think that the people we need to blame, are the ones who conducted the attack.
     Another big thing that people are saying, and not just about Hillary, is that the liberals are joining forces with international bankers, the UN, the WHO, the World Bank, etc., etc., ad nausim to take away our guns and freedoms and force everybody to have gay sex.  If we do not do something now, UN troops are going to be busting down your door to take your guns.  Complete and utter crazy bullshit.  Obama is not going to declare marshal law and set himself up as king.  Nobody is going to take your guns.  There are no UN troops.  All “UN troops” are provided by states to help with peace keeping operations, and the US provides the majority of those troops.  Any force that the President or the UN would try to use and “conquer” the US people would be US troops.  The same military members that are predominantly Republican and firm believers in the Constitution, especially the 2nd Amendment.  Get your head out of your asses.  That is not even remotely realistic.
    There is no Illuminati.  There is no worldwide conspiracy happening.  What is happening is that two political parties are using fear and anger to get you to vote for their chosen person.  They do not care about the issues, or if you agree with their stances on issues important to you.  They are interested in you fear.  They are interested in your anger.  They have found fertile ground.  Because we have allowed them to paint other Americans as “them.”  Stop letting them boil the running of this country into an “us versus them” contest.  Stop listening to these outlandish lies.
     Well, I hope some of you actually got through all this.  If you hated it or do not agree, please feel free to comment.  If you liked it or liked part of it but disagreed with some of it, please comment and/or share.


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