Current Lies About Daesh.

     Last week I wrote a short little piece about Daesh and how they got started.  Well, Trump obviously did not read my article because later in the same week he goes and calls President Obama and Hillary Clinton the founders of ISIS.  I did not say anything because I knew that others would correct him, and many did.  Though not ONE of you referenced my post, but hey that is okay.  I get it.  Back to the topic.  Trump was raked over the coals and has since said he was being sarcastic.  Again, I did not say anything, there were a bunch of journalists, bloggers, comedians, and just about everybody else with an IQ higher than Forrest Gump, and many with IQs lower, who loudly proclaimed that Trump has absolutely no idea what sarcasm is, or how to use it.  I have seen something in the past week that disturbs me though.  Right wing pundits and conspiracy theorists are spinning a narrative of how the President and former Secretary of State are indirectly responsible for the creation of Daesh because they created a power vacuum in Iraq when US Forces left the country.  People are believing this line of bullshit.
     It boggles the mind that people will overlook the facts to blame Obama.  Lets take a look at those pesky little facts shall we.  Fact one, the agreement between the United States and Iraq that set a date in 2011 for the complete withdrawal of US from Iraq was signed by President George Herbert Walker Bush.  It does not matter if Bush and Condi were planning on negotiating for troops to stay in Iraq.  They say that, but since the Status of Forces Agreement was signed on December 14, 2008 they did not give themselves much time to negotiate.  Obama took office a month later.  So, I would take the claims of Pres. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about negotiating for troops to stay with a grain of salt.  You don’t give yourself a month to negotiate something as huge as a Status of Forces Agreement.  A mortgage takes about a month to finalize, and this is a bit more tricky than buying a house.
     Fact number two, is that President Obama did attempt to negotiate the US leaving troops in Iraq.  The problem was, he could not get the Iraqi government to budge on one pesky little point.  The Iraqi government did not want to give blanket immunity to American forces for any laws they might break while in Iraq.  We don’t roll that way.  He was not going to allow the Iraqi criminal courts have anything to do with putting troops on trail.  Not going to happen.  No President would allow that.  Ah, but Luke, he could have just withheld reconstruction money until the Iraqi government agreed to what we wanted.  This is where a sarcasm font would really come in handy.  No, he could not withhold reconstruction money to “force,” the Iraqi government into an agreement they did not want.  They are our allies, we fucked their country up, and we tried that but it did not work.  Find a member of America’s armed forces that worked with the Iraqi military in 2010.  Ask if they remember the finical troubles that Iraqi security forces were facing.  I remember soldiers not coming home from leave because they were not getting paid.  Why were they not getting paid, because the US withheld money from the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.  Why you ask, because al-Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister at the time, was using the Iraqi Special Forces as a secret police force.  The only thing that stopping the money did is almost lose the Iraqi armed forces.  They all almost quit because they were not getting paid.
     That little nugget leads us to fact number three, there was no power vacuum when we left.  Al-Maliki was firmly in control.  We did not suddenly up and leave.  No vacuum was created.  For three years Maliki knew American Forces were withdrawing and he planned for that shit. During those three years we transferred the power to Iraqi government.  The fact that Maliki misused his position, began massive discrimination against the Sunni, and allowed for Daesh to win the support of the Sunni population is all on him and his government.  We, the US military, we knew what was going to happen.  Ask just about anybody who had boots on the ground in Iraq between 2008-2011 and we knew exactly what was going to happen when we left.  The rise of Daesh is not a surprise, and in now way is President Obama remotely responsible.  His actions and decisions in Iraq were, surprise, sur-fucking-prise for the benefit of American Military Personnel.  He did not want us to face criminal charges and trials in Iraq, and possible being sentence to time in an Iraqi prison.
     Three little facts that are so conveniently forgotten just because people do not want to give President Obama credit.  It does not matter what this man does, there are people on the right that hate the fact that he is African-American and will do anything to tarnish his image and legacy so that America will be too scared to vote another person with a dark complexion into the Oval Office.  Though, if you want to throw the whole, “He is indirectly, partially responsible” bullshit around lets do that.  By the same rational that lets people say that Obama is a bit to blame for the rise of Daesh, you could say that President Regan is the founder of Al-Qeda   and ISIS and is responsible for every attack on Americans by radicalized Muslims.  I mean, he is ultimately responsible for the training of Bin Ladin and his pals in Afghanistan during the 1980s (Where al-Zarqawi the may who actually started ISIS was trained, fought, and then ran a training camp).    Oh, is that grasping at straws?  Maybe, but it is actually a better argument that President Obama being partially responsible for Daesh.


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