Political Correctness is Destroying America.

I am sick and tired of hearing the term, “I am not politically correct,” or “I cannot say anything because everybody here is so politically correct.”  SHUT UP!  Being a decent human being and coaching your language so that it does not purposefully demean or cause pain to a group of people is not being, “political correct.”  Saying that a person is mentally challenged or developmentally disabled instead of calling them retarded is a simple case of not being a dick.  It just seems to me, that every time I hear anybody say they are not “politically correct,” they follow that statement with some truly horrendous racism, sexism, or whatever-ism.  It is the modern day “I don’t want to sound like a racist, but…”
Some people try and say there is no such thing as political correctness.  That it is just a myth and catch phrase.  That is not entirely true, but it is becoming more and more true.
To understand this we need to look at how the term politically correct has changed over they decades.
After World War I, being politically correct was a complement.  Granted, only in radical communists circles, but a complement none the less.  Being considered politically correct was a badge of honor for those who espoused Marxist-Lenin philosophy in the West.  This is not what comes to mind when we hear that somebody is politically correct today.
In the 1970s and 1980s the term changed from a complement describing a persons commitment to bringing down capitalism turned into a derisive term to describe those who only gave lip service to the counterculture.  It was for those that could speak and sound like they were fighting for equality, but whose actions gave evidence of that lie.  A person who was politically correct was a person who hide behind the except terminology and knew all the right words to say, but were substantially empty.
During the 1990s the term went through another change into its common usage today.  This was in large part to comedians.  I blame George Carlin.   He called politically correct fascism disguised as manners. He is right, I’m not going to call a janitor a custodial engineer.  But, for the most part those that wanted to change language did so for a very good reason.  There are some words that have been used to hurt, denigrate, and demean groups.  So, yes when that group asks that we not use those words, because they invoke memories of violence and subhuman treatment, I will change my vocabulary.  But, there are overly sensitive people who do not want you to use some language, ever. These folks were usually academics who were sure that a janitor must be ashamed of being a janitor so they should be called custodial engineers instead.  That is the fascism that Mr. Carlin was talking about.  There as a group of people, mainly made up of academics, who felt that those that worked blue collar jobs must be ashamed of those jobs so they needed to change the name of the jobs.
I have not found many instances where the PC monster has actually happened the way news reports say it has. My first example is a big one.
Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer get a make over and any racial slurs are removed and replaced.  True this actually happened, and I was pissed when I heard about it.  Then I read some more.  The reason for the change is because schools were not allowing teachers to assign these books, and they were being taken out of the libraries. So, a Mark Twain scholar attempted to replace the racially derogative terms in these great works of art, and attempted to maintain the irony in which Twain infused these terms. He also wrote and introduction and did a number of videos to help teachers teach the material.  So yes, PC went overboard and stupid people were behind Mark Twain being censored in schools.
The second one I found was true was about a Xbox Live customer who claimed to live in Fort Gay WV.  His account was banned because Xbox terms of service does not allow language that could be negative towards homosexuals.  It took some convincing, but Microsoft finally realized that Fort Gay is an actual place and the customer’s account was reactivated.  In defense to Microsoft, Fort Gay WV has a population of less than 1000 people.  I can see where they thought the customer was just trying to be an asshat.
Number three is that of an LA county affirmative action office telling vendors of electronic equipment to not use the terms “master” and “slave” when referring to electronic components.  It is partly true.  It was not a demand, it was a letter asking vendors to not use the terms, but not insisting.  The reason the letter was sent was not to be PC.  It was sent because the office received a written complaint from a person who say the terms on the tags for electronic equipment and complained.  They were covering their ass incase that person tried to sue them.  We do live in the most litigious country in the world.
I have found numerous sites that talk about how PC is running rampant and trying to take away our freedoms, but with just a little bit of digging these stories are either blatantly false, or just a half truth. In addition, they only people who seem to be “hurt” by the PC monster are white, Christian, and predominantly male.  This is the same group that is constantly having their power base chipped away all because other people want to be treated with decency and respect.


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