Conventions Are Over!!!

It is the second day of my blog and the DNC just ended.  Coincidence?  Yeah.  I have been using today to set up sharing with my facebook page, same name mansplationsandmusings, sharing with my twitter account, and just tinkering around with the layout of this blog.  I don’t know if I am going to switch to a paid account or stick with the free account.  I guess I can wait and see if I start getting traffic or not.  I need to learn how to promote this thing.

In other news, the United States just make a deal with the Kurds in norther Iraq to give them more military support.  Separate from the Iraqi government.  This is actually kinda big and is flying under the radar.  The deal was signed a week ago and I have not yet seen a reaction from Turkey, notorious for the horrible treatment of the Kurds.  I guess Turkey is still busy arresting people after the “attempted coup” nudge, nudge, wink wink.  I think this is a really good thing for the Kurds.  It might be one step closer to them getting their homeland.  I mean, the British did promise them this in exchange for help in fighting the Ottomans.  Like many promises made to the people of the Middle East during World War I, and II, it was not kept.  I like the Kurds, I like them as a group of people, and I have liked the ones I met while in Iraq.  I hope they get their own state.  Will it destabilize the Middle East even more than it is today.  Yes, yes it will; but taking the long view it might be the best thing for US in the Middle East.


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