VA Hiring Problems

During the SOTU, Trump made reference to all the vacancies being filled with-in the VA. There are already enough reports out there that show this to be false. My issue is the ones that are being filled and the quality of those being hired. I recently applied for a job at my local VA. Here […]

Forgetting History

I’m going to leave this up for a few days. Does anyone know what bit of American history this sculpture represents? (If you were there when this picture was taken, please do not answer.)   This statute is located in Natchez MS, across from the city’s big historical graveyard. Which is fitting, since this statute […]

On White Privilege.

Time to talk a little about White Privilege. I am not on here to debate whether or not WP exists. It does. Period, full stop, end of sentence. If you cannot see that WP is real, then there is very little I can do to help you make your mental illness better. Maybe seek therapy. […]

Scary, But Not Likely

Time for another amateur analysis of world events. Just to let everybody know upfront, this is purely conjecture. I have no hard evidence. This is also hyperbolic, at least I hope so. It is just an interesting way of seeing things. Apparently, the orange man-child with tiny hands, that currently holds the title of POTUS, […]

A Little Paranoia Is Okay

Just got back from vacation and my vacation recovery. We spent a week in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. Much fun was had, but I want to share with you an encounter I had while I was there. It was the third night we were there, the wife and I decided to hit the grocery store. It’s […]

War, 16 Years And Counting.

The responses to this most recent tragedy, has made me wonder, “What has 16 years of war done to our national psyche?” Then it dawned on me, we were a violent society before 2001. We glory in violence. Look at all our heroes, most of them are killers. I am not judging that, I am […]

The Cult of I

Time to talk about Libertarians. I have talked about them a little before, but I was speaking of the political stance of Libertarianism. Which I disagree with, but I can see the positive side of the politics. I just think the negatives out weight them. No, what I want to discuss are the people who […]